What CPS Is REALLY Doing

CPS. known by the name of “Department of Social Services” (DSS) or simply “Social Services”.

List of Other Names and Acronyms for CPS:

  • Department of Children and Families – DCF
  • Department of Children and Family Services – DCFS
  • Department of Social Services – DSS
  • Department of Human Services – DHS
  • Department of Child Safety – DCS
  • Department of Child Services – DCS

All of these state departments are ‘governed’  and funded by the Childrens Bureau which is under Administration of Children and Families which is under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The following are pages from (CFSR) Child an Family Services Reviews/ ETraining Platform for all the Acronyms above. The Rules and Regs put out by Childrens Bureau on how to manage the care of OUR children.

I will explain, dissect, define in laymen terms, what I have learned in my bit of experience and training I received as a CASA. I have learned a great deal more since my year with CASA. I also do not take what ‘they’ say at face value, ever.  I research and investigate. You should too. 

I will do this in sections. I will copy some that I want to point out and let you go to the links and find more.  This may someday have to be a book- cause it will go for many posts.  I will tackle one page at a time.  The links within the post in italic are within the CFSR page. They should direct you to each page of theirs.  I will use some as I go or, come back and break down each of these eventually. I will insert explanation in Green non italic

This is E-Training Platform. Child And Family Service Review Section 2: Understanding the Child Welfare System. Child Maltreatment

Each year, hundreds of thousands of children in the United States are victims of one or more types of maltreatment, =what is defined by CFSR as abuse which include physical abuse, sexual abusepsychological maltreatment, and neglect. The Children’s Bureau has collected and analyzed data concerning child maltreatment for more than two decades, and revealed the following statistics in its 2010 annual report.

  • Child protective services (CPS) agencies received an estimated 3.3 million referrals (or reports) involving the alleged maltreatment of approximately 5.9 million children. 
  • Professionals made three-fifths of the reports, with the greatest number coming from teachers, law enforcement, legal personnel, and social services staff.

This is HUGE. In a report Child Maltreatment 2017 of ACF.HHS it states

Exhibit 3–D Children by Age Group and Selected Report Sources, 2017

that sources of reporting maltreatment is Medical Personnel #1 then Education Personnel

  • Of the 1.8 million reports that received an investigation, 24.2 percent (or 436,321 children) were substantiated, meaning CPS agencies found that those children experienced, or were likely to have experienced, abuse or neglect.

Abuse/Neglect as defined by CPS. Many times the investigation is nothing more than   showing up at parent home and accusing of the abuse and removing the child. 

  • Victimization was split almost evenly between genders, and the highest rate of victimization was for children from birth to 1 year old.

Medical staff turn in parents for not allowing unnecessary medical treatments at birth, vaccines. MD’s will find broken bones from birth or an undiagnosed medical issue in early months and report as abuse. Mothers suspected of drug abuse during pregnancy will have their babies removed. All this and the fact that babies are easier to adopt out. 

  • African American children made up 21.9 percent of victims; Hispanic, 21.4 percent; and White, 44.8 percent.

This is not the stats most know of. White children are more lucrative for adoption. CPS receives approx $6000 for each child adopted. 

  • 408,425 children were in foster care at the end of the fiscal year; the average age was 9.2 years, and the average stay in foster care was 14 months. 

Those younger are adopted out faster. The time frame for getting through a case is supposed to be 12 months, with a couple of delays this is length of time it takes to terminate parent. My guess is the average stay is per foster home. Some are adopted out. I wonder where the percentage is of those returned home. 

  • More than 80 percent of perpetrators (or abusers) were biological parents or stepparents, and another 6.1 percent were other relatives of the victim.

The parents turned in by doctors and teachers for not conforming to orders/instructions. Parents involved in a divorce and the bitter spouse has turned them in to retaliate. This seems a ridiculous stat. I would bet the other 20% are medical and educational. 

There are parents who abuse their children. There are circumstances that a parent would need intervention, help, training. That is a very small percentage though. Which we will never see stats on.  CPS is not keeping stats on the families and children they have abused. CPS is manipulating the facts and the numbers in order to continue their corruption.

Next Post is Types of Maltreatment – Their definition and what it really means.

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