CPS- You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

A favorite saying  of mine is ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.” It has actually become a mantra of mine. I think it really should be of everyone everywhere. And we should always be striving to be in the know.

When I was a CASA and went to court for my kids/families I found out so much that I didn’t know. I also realized how clueless everyone is, concerning CPS/Family Court/ and our rights as free citizens of the United States. How is it we are so ignorant of the fact that our children are NOT our own? This fact should frighten every parent. No one is raised knowing what to do when CPS comes into your life. Everyone assumes as a free person, a citizen of the USA, we have the right to be parents of our own children, with no interference from outside governing forces. Because of our lack of knowledge and assumptions, we are totally caught off guard when CPS comes knocking on our doors. Because of our ignorance our own children, our blessings from God, are being removed from our lives, forever. Something that never ever crossed our minds when we held those babies in our arms after carrying them 9 months and birthing them. I never thought that anyone could remove a child from their parents based on an accusation from a random uninvolved person. Yet it is done everyday.
























There is a misconception of the children and families involved with CPS. The children are not all abused. They are not all neglected and mistreated. Children are not all being removed from their parents custody for the best interest of the child. Texas CPS states in a report that 75% of the cases when children are removed from the homes lack sufficient evidence of removal. That is a HUGE amount of families destroyed, with no reason.



These children are being taken from their home and placed in unsafe foster care and facilities. These children are being taken from biological parents, grandparents, who love them and would do anything possible to care for them and being adopted to strangers for the $4000 bonus CPS receives. These children are being taken from secure safe homes and being put into the handsof
sexual abusers and human traffickers.

Unbelievable? Inconceivable? Whacked out thinking? Conspiracy theory? No way this could this be happening in America. It is. It really is.

How is it we don’t know it? Because, our children have not been taken from us by CPS. Because when we hear the horror stories they come from the parents, grandparents, whose children have been taken, and we ‘know’ what kind of people they are. I mean you had to have done something to have your kids taken, right?


Children are being taken from false accusations. Angry exes, pissed off grandmothers, call CPS to get back at the adult they now hate. CPS investigates, (not really) and if the children look ‘lucrative’, adoptable, and the income of the family is low, they jump on it. Income of family needs to be low, so they can not afford ‘real’ representation. It is also helpful if there is a past involved, for the parents.  Which there usually is. I mean if you have a family member  vindictive enough to call CPS to get back at another family member, you got some crap in your closet.

The easiest way CPS takes possession of babies and young children is through Medical Kidnapping. Sometimes they can get a whole family of kids, if the youngest has older siblings,  With the help of hospitals and doctors, they have indoctrinated. Should a parent have a home birth in some states. Or if you opt out of vaccinations, which the gov has started demanding at birth. If you breast feed. If you have a lot of other children. If you don’t have a pediatrician. If you want a second opinion on medical treatment. If the parent doesn’t have an average IQ. If the baby doesn’t thrive and the MD cant figure it out. If the parents bring the baby to the doctor too many times. If the parents don’t bring the child to the doctor for all check ups. Then of course the mother having been on drugs that is the quickest way to lose your baby. Even if the mother has not been on drugs in the months of finding herself pregnant, there will be traces in the baby. Also if the mom ever looked like she ever might have been on drugs, or the dad, they will check the baby. And just the ‘checking’ of the baby is usually turned into CPS, and they will swoop up that baby, just in case- ‘For the best interest of the child.’

CPS is called when the police are called for domestic disturbances. I am not talking about someone beaten or killed fights, I am talking about spouses fight a bit to loudly. And the neighbor calls for the noise. Or a family get together gets too rowdy cause Uncle Jack had a bit to much and ….and the police are called. These kids are removed because of the intolerant old lady that lives next door.

Schools, teachers, call CPS. Not for the obvious bruises from abuse, but for the disruptive child that they cant convince the parents to medicate for ADHD. YES they retaliate, by calling in CPS for the bratty kid. Schools will call CPS on homeschool families.

When CPS gets their eyes on the prize. The smart, cute, healthy, with no disabilities, child, they will manipulate, lie and connive to get custody of their product. They lie on the affidavit. they present to the judge. They search all background of the parents, and extended family for any past anything and will insert that into the affidavit going to the judge for ’emergency removal’. They remove the child immediately and then manipulate the dates on the affidavit to look as if the child is taken after they find all the ‘evidence’ against the parents then present to the judge days later as if it is emergency removal. The judge is not aware and approves it for the safety of the child. Once that child is out of the parents custody, the process has started. The ‘process’ has been given a year, by government, the intention was to keep CPS moving forward. What they do is plan every case to be a year then they start delays by paying off therapist for bad reports on parents. Or falsify reports to the courts to imply parents are not doing right.

Until I was a CASA I assumed Family Court was like any other court scenario. The accused would have opportunity to defend self, to tell their side of the story. Evidence of the ‘crime’ would be presented, to prove guilt etc.  Due process. There is no due process in family court.  None.  The parents are guilty in the eyes of the judge, because CPS says they are. Never does the judge ask the parents if what is on the affidavit is true. There is no jury, no evidence presented.  The point of family court is to move on with the ‘punishment’ for the parents and to have the children placed somewhere, anywhere, while the parents are jumping through their hoops.

I will lay out the process in my next post.










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