Inconceivable- CPS

CPS is corrupt. CPS is taking children from parents daily under the pretense of ‘protecting’ the child. CPS falsifies records, invents stories, manipulates truths, commits perjury in the courts, in order to steal children from their homes.

Why does CPS take children :

  • job security,
  • $5000+ bonuses for adoptions,
  • other payoffs from those who ‘get’ the children,
  • They believe they are above reproach, and have been given the power
  • child sex trafficking

How is this happening? In the United States, by a government sect? This cant be really happening? CPS has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt there is abuse/neglect before they remove a child, right? Why isn’t this on the news? Wouldn’t the government stop it if it were happening? This is inconceivable. This cant be true.

But it is.

Children are being removed from homes. Parents rights are being terminated. Young children are being adopted out, to families that usually have good intentions. CPS gets big money for every adoption that is completed.  Older children are being put in foster homes, because they are harder to place, for their issues.  Their issues are some label of mental illness, they are medicated, no one wants to adopt a mentally unstable tween or teen.  If these kids do have issues, it is the trauma from being removed from their families, they don’t need medication, they need comfort, they need their families. These older kids are in foster homes. The foster homes receive funds from CPS, the more kids the more money.  Then there is the child trafficking, what better commodity than a tween girl on mind altering drugs who has no parents to intervene- These kids just disappear into ‘the system.’

HOW does no one know this?

The parents, the families involved in this are not heard, they are dismissed, because of the ‘kind of people’ they are. ( I am not being condescending to the parents, the condescension is towards those who won’t hear)  They have no money to get a  lawyer, so they have court appointed. Not that court appointed are not lawyers, but many are just going through the motions. Some will fight for the parent, but they have so many cases, They represent parents or children, depends on what the judge assigned . They don’t get paid enough to get into the details of the case, so they just represent for the 12 month pre designated time, maybe longer with extensions,.Remind the parents   to do the services, even though they are not guilty, just to get the kids back.  Which some do, but not with out repercussions.  Others, do not get their kids, even though they do all they should, because CPS makes more money adopting out the kids than the lawyer does defending the parent.

The parents, the situations, that ‘got the kids taken’ are sometimes not something you would see on Ozzy and Harriet.  More like Shameless. Alcohol, drugs, DUI, divorce, boyfriend, girlfriend, child’s father, incarcerated, paternity testing, spousal abuse, dirty home, low income, unemployed, all of these come up in court reports, describing past and present.  So these parents and grandparents, when they are shouting and crying and ranting about their children being taken by CPS… Most of US think, ‘Well yeah, looks like the kids are better off.”   Thing is, we are wrong.  None of the things listed above are reason to remove a child, none of those things are abuse or neglect.  Its not perfect, but it is what this family has.  And if we are honest most of those things happen behind some our white picket fences.  The reason CPS doesn’t go for the white picket fence kids, is because they would find a lawyer.  They have a car to sell or a house to sell in order to pay the lawyer.  These parents have nothing, so they have no way to fight back.

Sometimes there is a removal for physical abuse on the child. Not as much as they want us to think though.  I sat in family court for 30 hours, none of the cases I listened to were of abuse.  Sadly the abuse we, the public, hear about is when it has gone too far, it is obvious by the dead or maimed child. These cases are not going to be prevented, CPS does not get involved with these kids until it is too late. Either CPS doesn’t want to get involved with the violence, the messed up kid and they ignore it. Or they won’t know about it till after the abuse.  The kids that are being removed for ‘abuse’ are usually reports from somewhere else, a teacher, a neighbor, a pissed off in law.  The thing with abuse, defined by CPS, is too undefined.  So CPS can site possible abuse, for a scratch or a bruise that may or may not have been inflicted by a parent disciplining a child and file for immediate emergency removal of the child, and all siblings in the home.  If the other siblings will be lucrative moves for CPS.  Did you know if a child tells a teacher he got a whooping from his dad, the teacher is justified, if not obligated (depends of CPS influence at school) to call CPS? Technically the school is guardian of your child at school and they have the right to call CPS, doctor whomever, without consulting you.  Schools are pretty much indoctrinated by the liberal government/CPS.  Any kind of report or abuse can get the child taken. There is no investigation, no court hearing, no jury, no due process.   A grandmother can call in and say they saw a bruise or suspect, maybe thinking they will get the kid, when they take em away from the parents. CPS just hears ‘that kind of people’ and now have a source for a bonus. If the child is school aged CPS shows up at school gets the kid to say “Daddy spanks me when he is mad and it hurts a lot” then they go to the judge file an emergency removal. Little Johnny and his baby sister are removed from the home and Dad is arrested for abuse and Mom too for not reporting the abuse. All for the one swat  Johnny received for lying to his mom about throwing the ball in the house and hitting his sister in the head.

CPS is not for the best interest of the child. This is a term they inject into all the court reports and verbal argument  “for the best interest of the child”, … his parent must have drug testing regularly (even though drug use is not an issue) the parent must complete abuse/anger management (even though abuse was not an issue) the parents must go to marriage counseling and parenting classes (even if that not issue).  CPS needs to inspect the home to see if it is adequate, (when prior to them interfering the home was not an issue). The child needs to be placed with a non relative so to not cause family stress (like not being able to sleep in your own bed is not stress). If placed with Kin, before termination CPS will not subsidize the grandparent. For the best interest of the child? After termination if the grandparent is allowed to adopt then they can get some funds. So  does CPS.  Never does CPS want grandparents to be guardians and parents not terminated. They claim because the parents won’t support the kids.  Well, the parents don’t support the kids with they are terminated.  The reason is, CPS makes no money if the children are not adopted out, (they get some for fostering them too, if anything job security).

CPS is SUPPOSED to provide intervention and treatment sources for the families, before removing the children.  They do not.  CPS is to always have reunification as the goal if removal does occur.  They do not.  CPS is supposed to present the facts, to the judge. They do not.  CPS is supposed to be working for the child’s best interest. They do not.

It is hard to believe. Inconceivable. CPS really is abusing families. CPS is lying in courts. Committing perjury. They are destroying families. They are taking children with no justification.  These stories on Twitter and Facebook and all social media of parents telling of the horror of having their kids removed by OUR GOVERNMENT are true.  Some of the judges know, some of them are as clueless as you.  They believe what CPS is telling them, they should be able to trust CPS, right? Don’t know what they don’t know.  Search ‘corrupt CPS’. Hundreds of families have lost children to CPS, some children have died in the foster homes, all have different stories, but CPS has done the same thing to all of them. Stolen their children, with no legal right.

Next time I will tell you how I got involved in all of this.  And it is NOT because I had a child removed.


12 thoughts on “Inconceivable- CPS

    • Find a way to share. We all must. It is the fear that is allowing them to continue to steal the children. Nancy Shaefer and her husband were killed for their stand against CPS. But they cant kill us all without it looking suspicious.


  1. Christy, I wish that you were wrong. Unfortunately, you are not. I have just been involved in a situation where the child was taken from the parents. However she had lived most of her 6 years with her grandmother – deeply loved. The court has taken the child on the advice of a Casa volunteer who was WRONG WRONG WRONG. This child has lost the grandmother who adored her and is being adopted out with no recourse! Rank hypocrisy! And so sad for the child! Thanks for your voice.


    • I was a CASA long enough to thwart the plans of CPS for 2 families. I then filed official complaints on CPS – found out then CASA is not who they pretend to be. I will not back down. I have an interview tomorrow to discuss… Will speak to whom ever I can.

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      • Yeah there seems to be a pattern of the farthest reaches of should-care & be-accountable individuals seemingly blind or intentionally sight-avoiding this damn twisted ‘thing’ especially in Texas. Why would CASA stand out and be beneficially different from the rest of it. I know it blew my mind when I saw how much $$$ these ‘volunteers’ get paid on average! Not any of the individuals termed CASA Advocate has asked any of my daughter’s family even one single question about the girl. They cant even ask her a question because she knows not to trust them now and yells ;stranger danger’ when they come to ‘talk’ to her. They quite blatantly and brutally just lie and pretend like they know her or her thoughts/feelings. CASA probably sickens me the most of all the ‘systematic entities’. I haven’t really looked into the official oversight channels of CASA. Are there any, and if so who ‘investigates’ CASA wrong-doing?



      • didn’t answer your question of investigate CASA. Dont know. But in truth CASA is not as ‘powerful’ as one may think. Yes we /they give reports to the judge, and those are supposed to be based on what we have experienced with the interaction with the child and the parents, and teachers and doctors, therapists. I did my best to expose the discrepancies of CPS and what was actually going on. The judge would at times bring up a comment I had and throw it out for the lawyers and CPS to discuss, but that was basically the extent of my influence, in court. Another interesting thing is CASA report had to be turned in several days prior to CPS and CPS had access to this report. They would read and then adjust their reports and harass the parents based on the CASA report. Your CASA did seem pretty inept as an advocate FOR your daughter.There is a possibility though, CASA is the only reason your daughter has kinship placement. CPS would have rather she been fostered and adopted. CASA only has the information CPS gives them and then the relationship they can develop with the children AND the parents, to discern the truth. CASA never had a relationship with your daughter nor you or your wife.

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      • Grayson County and many other places are faced with the problem of CASA being just one of many complicit ‘players’ in the fed-to-state child funding game. We have encountered literally hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of points of contention in which this ‘thing’ simply should have happily disengaged and left our particular children and family to ourselves. There are again literally no less than 30-80-ish lets say individual persons involved somehow in this process, and each with the ultimate umbrella goal of acting ethically and within our democratic structure while protecting our entire nations population of children from all undue trauma and harm. So If one out of 80 makes a lone stand against 79 other individuals who definately are not making any single stand for some strangers maybe maybe-not abused kid they will never really get to know. And the problem’s counter-intuitive moral standard becomes smeared through the collective dispersement of accountability out over 80 individual humans so no one person ever feels personally and truly responsible for another parent’s child’s life being in their own two hands. And I understand that you can’t feel responsible with clarity that you cannot pseudo-parent every child into what you would want for a child of your own. The accountability for each individual child & life must be freely, conscientiously, and voluntarily accepted by each ‘protector of children’ with open-eyed understanding & willingness to accept the wide continuum of potential consequences on another human child’s very life itself. The counter-intuitive to human behavioral evolution concept that as long as you do no harm to other humans you can cause no human any harm is fallacious because 80 non-protective ‘players’ is identical in function to having only ‘one’ unit of human that does nothing to prevent harm and protect children. It naturally eludes our conceptualization of what must be HUMANE to others we do not get to see though-their-lives with. A well-intended person does not necessarily have to be fully aware or actively participating in the wrong in order to cause harm when in a position of being the utmost ‘moral authority’ within our society. In this anti or antithe-system we have accidentally designed to control our own behaviors, and shape our own and each others individual behaviors into socially-acceptable or even better socially-BENEFICIAL repertoires of human behavior. And the final nail-in-the-rights-coffin seems to constantly and unavoidably stems from the moral hall pass of sorts we give our hall monitors of not having to follow the rules of, while offering them only demotivating consequences to desire caring and suffering for one over another or another over themselves the rules control, and finally telling them directly and openly none of them are affected by the rules of the hall the rest of us are inevitably bound to by default. So when 80 of 80 people refuse to make a stand-even-at-personal-risk just for some random kid they by default ensure collective infliction of personal and societal trauma on humanity. Immunity from accountability for your child when you child is in my care and control is a purely terrifying vision of a position to be in. I would never get involved in your life and with your children and family UNLESS I was willing to be held fully accountable for my actions and willing to accept the consequences of my personal behavior above every and any other person or thing in existence. Thats the one thing a parent must look for and ENSURE others humans possess in order to raise those kids who are periodically left in the ‘hands’ of society’s collective village of other humans it must take since we cannot indefinitely avoid each and every other human being on this our only native planet. It has to be either each-other’s, or be no-one-other’s, co-shared Planet Earth. If 2 stand-up against 78 then suddenly we have some consensus or agreement of a social morality thus mandating that each of us behaves within 2 ends of a right-wrong continuum of being humanly humane to one-another BECAUSE we are each one ‘other’. I wish but CASA, CPS, and multiple attorneys all recommended in open testimony on December 4th, 2017 for Audrie to remain in the fictive kinship placement she was then-currently in with the Foley’s. Because Audrie had a one-day substitute lady as her attorney because her’s had to miss, and Audrie somehow convinced and forced her way into the open hearing and demanded her voice be heard. The judge couldn’t believe his senses that a child exert such a powerful Jedi-like force, and so of course facing an entire overy-other in opposition to himself and his meta-rules involving each and all of one’s collective conscience facing his behavior personally regarding the authority/responsibility/accountability/humanity/morality mash-up, and so he, as would any human short of the very few humans that exist in a state of total psychopathy, allowed the young well-raised human being to for-herself-only speak. It was done in total confidence and secrecy in his chambers to forever remain an experience solely and exclusively perceived by only her & he. She could have done nothing other than honestly express herself and then-momentarily-obvious & undeniable humanity be treated humanely. I know Audrie, I know myself, and I know Amanda. I have full faith that at that moment us 3 all shared the one-and-only single desire that Audrie be released back to her FAMILY. The Honorable Judge Brian Gary is not by any means a total psychopath and therefore was forced by moral self-obligation to simply let a 12-year old young lady of a human’s one-and-only desire simply to be just simply be. As I made my line-in-the-sand Moral Stand in total defiance by first offering myself to the mercy of Judge Gary & whole of society offering the very life, liberty, & freedom being human commands Audrie was in another strange-new-world commanding some other strange human that for her life, liberty, and freedom he SHALL from each-other human now DEMAND. I was denied my mercy from the Honorable Judge Gary. I was therefore left the one effortless choice to forever depart from our social-fabric’s interwoven-ness. Audrie I had to let go for herself to, but to for each-one-another forever fend. The Honorable Brian Gary showed Audrie no mercy either, but did her the much greater honor and justice of her very own life to live. Audrie will forever pay forward his graciousness to us ‘others’ until the end. 2 humans stood against 78 others by showing us the humanity within them.

        -Gen Z Miyagi


    • I read through most of yours. I have learned so much through my brief time with CASA then my research of all after. Your experience as horrific as it is, is NOT uncommon. This is frightening that it is happening to ‘free’ citizens on a daily basis and the majority have no clue it is. Unless you have experienced no one could contemplate how corrupt CPS, CASA, the judicial, the public schools, the medical, the law enforcement… is . Praying for insight, strength, courage, support and protections for all of US especially the children.


      • Yes the commonality between so many endless and countless one-and-others that have been going, presently exist through, or will one day experience an experience so psychologically similar to or even exactly the same as the others on the one hand, but can be/is experienced under such a drastic variety of circumstances, and with as wide a variety of differences in the specific reasons or particulars for why we are all sharing such a traumatic phenomena across the broad demographic of society under the uniqueness of the counter-intuitve funcional relationships we ill-designed ‘child’ systems intended to beneficially shape human behavior within. We are literally everywhere, but too traumatized to really be anywhere again. :/ Its getting fixed, but only because it will be us that does the ‘fixing’!

        -Gen Z Miyagi


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